Welcome back to school!

I’m sure you’ve already watched Maggie Simpson’s Oscar Nominated short “The Longest Daycare”.

I’d like you to watch it again and do the following activities:

1.- Get ready to explain all the written expressions which appear on the short.

2.- Sum up the story in fifteen sentences.

3.- What does the butterfly stand for? What does it represent to you? Has it any hidden meaning?

4.- Write five suggestions to improve school life.
Should schools separate students according to sex, intelligence, religion or any other feature? Why (not)?

DEADLINE: 30th October 2013

longest daycare

As Mark Twain’s (Tom Sawyer’s and Huckleberry Finn’s writer) put it: “Don’t let schooling interfere with your education”.

Please be clever and make the most of the course ahead.


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  1. 2.For me the beattiful signific the libertay.
    3.It`s the first day of Maggie`s schooling.His mother carrys at the daycare center. At arrives she has got to cross a inteligence test. Maggie fail test. Then she goes at the sad place. there she found orther boy. At this boy likes deds the beattifuls. At to read Maggie descovered the beattifuls life. The boy acount of she know of the beattiful. The Maggie found that there was a beattiful at point of be born. Then she run for save the beattiful. In the last moment, she throws to save the beatifil´s life, but the boy gets to blown down. His tie ssement the beattiful, but wsn´t and save the life beattiful.
    4I think this are the descrimination at the people.
    No be important the sex, race, girls o boys.
    We have got to see diferent of rest of order people.
    Why have we got diferetiate inter we?
    We can to think diferent of people, but each person is free.

  2. 1-the ayn rand school for tots- school for smalls.
    your freedom assured by cur probing-libertid assured.
    lice detector-machine of lice.
    average intelligence-machine intelligence.
    gifted area-room of ready.
    nothing special-room of nothing special.
    you have no future-poster of explication.
    raggedy ayn rand dolls-dolls of school.
    the driking fountainhead- drink.
    not really a poem-negation.
    not really a rook-negation

    2-it`s Maggie primer day of nursery. Marge leave Maggie in the nursey. Pass of lice detector .Pass
    of average intelligence. Leave of Maggie of room nothing special. Maggie feeling sad .A boy of
    nursery kill buterflyes .Maggie find a caterpillar. Maggie look a book of buterflyes. A boy want
    kill a buterfly. Maggie run. Maggie launch a buterfly of window but she not get. The boy close the window. Marge collect of Maggie at the nursery. The buterfly posed of the loopof Maggie and

    3-that everyone is entitled to live.

    4-not to uniforms, which the teachers watch more at recess, the classes are shorter, which is not to study so much and that the school is more fun .No, because.Variations would not.

  3. 2) For me the butterfly represen frredom.

    3) It´s the first day to Maggie Simpson in the daycare. Before enter in the room Maggie pass a test to see she have lice,they are smart… When Maggie pass the test the security take them to the room. A is gifted area and another is nothig special where she go. She see there are nothing for they, but to the intelegent yes. In the room look a boy kill the butterflies. Maggie see the worn and try save, becouse he wants to kill him. Maggie run run, but he does not give. She comes to room and see book. IN this moment understand where butterflies are born. The worm transform in the butterfly and a boy keep trying to kill her. The butterfly fly and get out to the windows,but the boy lower the blindand kill the butterfly and Maggie cry. Maggie`s mother take house. Finally the loop is the butterfly and the butterfly crushed is the loop.

    4) I think the schools don`t should the students according to sex, intelligence, religion or any other feature because in the world everyone are same.

  4. 1. School for tots: Is a school where the baby’s goes.
    Your freedom assured by our probing: This place is secure.
    Often wrong technologies: This object makes mistakes .
    Gifted area: Is a place where the inteligents tots goes.
    Nothing special: Is a place where the less inteligents tots goes.
    You have no future: Is a sad poster.

  5. 2.)At the beginning of the movie appears marge carrying to school a maggie,when they marge comb to maggie takes to school.The carry in and makes security checks and then the detector and then by lice intelligence detector which gave average intelligence.The teacher goes through the talent room where children have latest technologies and a band of music but maggie playing in the living leaves nothing special.In the room nothing special children have nothing just a table in a corner where 3 children are painting, is a kind wall dark and have a sign that says Honest bumpy sez: you have no future!
    Maggie takes two cans of paint one color is gray and the other black bleackest she looking to the side and see a child eating paint, sees and gives a bit she starts to back when a beautiful butterfly passes in front of it looking to the side and see a child eating paint, sees and gives a bit she starts to back when a beautiful butterfly passes in front of it smiles and follows her with his eyes when suddenly another child against the wall and makes a painting a frame, butterfly and spends another child does the same,of maggie suddenly turns face and see a worm and observes maggie gets smiles and look at the child about to kill him when the worm is placed on the face of maggie and does the same as the child.Maggie goes and also to another room where hai old dolls and a book. Discover the child appears, but maggie escapes with jar across the room by passing the train while the child has to wait also passes through the room where the children are with walkers.The boy kicks one and go stumbling until maggie push the jar falls and breaks, born butterfly and maggie watches Ventada throwing open and light and out but the child closes the blinds and mourn breaks mata.Maggie marge until the child comes for mockery and makes turns and goes up the blind to see the butterfly when she sees what was maggie threw her hair tie.
    3.)The butterfly refers to freedom.
    4.)At school there should be separation by sex, by age, by race and not by intelligence course.
    – more respect rules
    – Funniest Classes
    – Question to everyone equally
    – Students respect each other
    – No discrimination between students or between students and teachers

  6. 2. One day Maggie ‘s mother took her to a nursery. When they went maggie had
    to spend a few controls, such control lice detector and also the intelligence , but
    she passed it and went to the room of the least ready . Maggie found a worm , nursed
    him as a fellow she wanted to kill . Maggie ran through the hallways until fourth found
    a book that explained the process passing the worm so that it became a butterfly.
    When they came to a room the window was open and let Maggie but baby butterfly
    closed the blinds and killed the butterfly and Maggie cried for the butterfly. Maggie ‘s
    mother arrived and marched to the car. Baby raised the shade and saw what was in the
    window was not the butterfly but it was the blue ribbon of Maggie . When Maggie was
    in the car had the butterfly like a loop and goes home happily . And so ends the longest
    day of Maggie with a happy ending.

    3.-Butterfly represents freedom because in the end the butterfly is free.
    -For me represents the freedoms.
    -If you have a hidden meaning that is the freedom we have to have.

    4.- Non uniform
    – That teachers who look more students at recess.
    – Improvements in some centers.
    – No to bullying.
    – And one teacher by subject.
    Schools should not separate the classes by intelligence or sex we are all equal and have the same rights, being a boy or a girl.

  7. 2-Magie going to a nursery called AYN RAND. To enter you have to go through multiple security checks. Maggie carried to the room “non-special”. Look several butterflies but kills a baby. It is a worm and discover that transform into a butterfly. The baby wants to kill the worm but maggie saves him and becomes a butterfly.

    3-The butterfly means freedom or adulted.

    -Not bullying
    -funniest classes

  8. 2 –
    Marge takes Maggie to the nursery.Maggie sees a butterfly and try to catch.Marge leaves in
    the nursery.They will do tests to check your intelligence.The results indicate that has an
    average intelligence. Maggie wants to go with the kids who have talent but they put in the kind
    of child who does not have anything special.She wants to paint, but the other kids just lend gray
    and black.In his class there is a bad boy who wants to kill butterflies.Maggie sees a caterpillar
    and catches, but the bad boy wants to kill the caterpillar.Maggie makes the caterpillar is his
    eyebrows, and the child does not know which is the caterpillar.And Maggie flees with the
    caterpillar.Maggie finds a book, it and realizes that caterpillars become butterflies.The
    caterpillar forms a cocoon in the branch of a plant. Suddenly the boy appears, and Maggie was
    collected the plant where the cocoon and runs off. Maggie throws dust in the eyes of the child.
    A little boy pushes Maggie, and breaks the jar of the plant and the butterfly emerges from the
    cocoon.Maggie loose butterfly out the window, but the bad boy closes the blind and kill the
    butterfly.Maggie is very sad and crying.Marge comes to pick up Maggie.The child opens the
    blind, and it turned out not kill the butterfly, just crushed the loop Maggie, Maggie sgnifica that
    does not carry the loop in the head, leading the butterfly.

    3 –
    I think the butterfly means freedom because butterflies fly free.

    4 –
    .Do not judge students by their intelligence
    .Teachers should not have “favorite students”
    .There should be uniform
    .Some teachers should be more friendly to students
    .There should be no fights between students

  9. 2) I think that the butterfly represents freedom
    3) It´s the first day to Maggie Simpson in the daycare. Before enter in the room Maggie at arrives she has got to cross a inteligence test. Maggie fail test. Then she goes at the sad place, in the room look a boy kill the butterflies. Maggie see the worn and try save, becouse he wants to kill him. Maggie run,she comes to room and see book, at to read Maggie descovered the butterflies life. The worm transform in the butterfly and a boy keep trying to kill her. The butterfly fly and get out to the windows,but the boy lower the blindand kill the butterfly and Maggie cry.Marge comes to pick up Maggie.The child opens the blind, and it turned out not kill the butterfly, just crushed the loop Maggie.
    4)I think this are the descrimination at the people no be important the sex, race, the intelegence… The people are some.

  10. 2)
    Is Maggie first day of daycare. When Maggie leave her mum, Maggie is going to pass a control of lies and inteligence. Maggie finish the control and a security guard catch her and walk to his class. They pass for the gifted area but don´t stop there, the guar stop in the class “nothin especial”. Maggie go to a desk to paint but the childrens only leave the colors grey and bleakest black. Maggie don´t paint. Go to another part of the room. Maggie see a butterfly but a boy kill it with a wood hammer, other butterfly is fliyng in the room and the boy kill it too. Next is a caterpillar who came to the room and Maggie cath it. The boy see that but Maggie put that imitate her eyebrows and can save it. Maggie run to a room where cath a book and in is the metamorphosis of a caterpillar. IN a moment of bad luck the boy see it and want to to kill the cacoon of the before be a catterpillar but Maggie cath the flowerpot where the cacoon is and run. Try to call someone but the mobile don´t work. Go to the tots room and the tosts try to stop the boy but he kick a tot and this kick other and other an this hit Maggie and yhe flowerpot broke. But the cacoon is opening and a butterbly is exiting. Maggie cath it and throw it out the window but the boy close the blind and the butterfly died. Maggie exit because its the time and the butterfly is imitate her lop and when is in the car the butterfly fly away.
    the butterfly in my opinion represent the freedom because it want to be free and need to be free.
    Have got more money for have got more teachers an ca agrou in areas when teach the childrens.
    Change the gobernaument
    Have got more education
    Be more critcal
    Don´t discriminate for be diferent of the rest.

  11. 2.
    It is the first day of Maggie in the day-care center. When his mother goes away rhey do a few inteligence test to him. Maggie doesn´t spend the test. She doesn´t anything special. They separate it from the “inteligent” children. Maggie is interested on the butterfly but a child kills them. Maggie finds a worm and escapes of the child because it´s a future butterfly. A child follows it to kill the butterfly. But when Maggie is clever.
    She uses the butterfly as bow and the child thinks that is smashed to the buterfly with the courtain. Finally, the butterfly is free. Maggie returns a his house with his mother.

    The butterfly, for me, it represents freedom and stuggle to get into nature, ouside of school. Despite all obstacles.

    – Not uniforms.
    – School not unisex.
    – Not descrimination.
    – Respect.
    – Better education.

  12. 2-
    It´s the first day of daycare, is very longest. Marge leaves Maggie at daycare and she doesn´t stay. In the daycare have differents areas: that of artists, that of intelligents, and that of there is nothing special (Maggie). Appears a butterfly, and a child wants to kill. Maggie trying to save and to free. Let it escape through the window, but the child crusheswith the blind. Then acconunt that they confuse the butterfly with tie´s Maggie. Marge is going to search, and Maggie frees the butterfly. Flinally, was completed on Maggie´s daycare.
    The history is an representation of some schools, in which group students according to their intellectual.
    This video is a bit exaggerated, but it is good. Should not this.
    The butterfly represented the freedom.
    ·No favourits students.
    ·No bullyng.
    ·More respect.
    ·More education.

  13. 2-.

    It is the first day of Maggie in the day-care center. Is very longest. Marge leaves Maggie in the mursery and they classify them for inteligence. It’s area the: musical, maths, science…. But Maggie is nothing special. It´s bylling. Maggie look a butterfly, but at the kids stupid the kill aganist the wall. Maggie is scared and to save a new butterfly. Let it scape for the window, but the chils kill the butterfly. Finally, complete the day- care for Maggie.


    For my the butterfly symbolises the freedom that the kids do not have in the school. The difference of classes and to treat to the students is distinct.


    -Not use the uniform.
    -Not test of the inteligence.
    -More education for kids.
    – Not discrimination for the sex girl.
    – Not discrimination for the country or religion.

  14. 2-Today is the first day of Maggie Simpson in the nursery.
    At the beginning of the mother stops short at the entrance to the nursery and it looks like the site is dark and depressing, then you have to empty your pockets to go through the metal detector , then the detector undergo a lice , she is negative but the child is positive . The pass through a machine that reads the level of intelligence , but if you look at the machine gets Often wrong technologies. When the backup procedure just take it to the study area , nothing looks ent children class “ ready ” , she thought that would leave in that class but it is not because the machine said it had a intensive .
    Because of the machine that always fails the class put nothing special, there unicejo child knows that each butterfly that passes through the matte and a painting makes around doing as a real picture .
    Maggy sees a butterfly caterpillar , the child sees and thinks he is hiding something, Maggy runs away to hide the butterfly , is imforma worm process on the child sees that catches and runs , reach a room where the babies in walkers to let her go but the attempt to keep him but still he gets away from his way, she falls , breaks the pot , the worm drops and a butterfly it goes and throws it at the window but down the blind child and kills her. Her mother comes to seek and secure in the car and pulls the hair that we all thought it was a tie but turns out it was the butterfly.

    3- For my the butterfly represent the freedom.

    4- Instead of telling them they have no future and help.

    -Respect for the students.

    – there is not discrimination

  15. 1- Is the first day in daycare the Maggie Simpson. When she leave her mum goodbye had to go through a security check and left his tie, his pacifier, and a toy keys. Then she pass to a pest control and all is well, then passed through a machine to find out which way was intelligence. Maggie is in a intelligence medium. Then take it to the area you have to be and passes through other areas where children were advanced for their age, musicians, painters, scientists … but she was destined to another area that was called “Nothing special.”
    When it sees that should isn’t there. When she goes to paint children catch all the paintings and let you just gray and black.Suddenly, he sees a butterfly and is happy and immediately crushes a child with a hammer.
    When your head down, go to a caterpillar crawling and Maggie behind hammer child appears. Maggie walks a little and find a book that explains the cycle of the butterfly. The caterpillar before, just wrapped in the cocoon and again, Maggie appears behind hammer child. This aims to Maggie because he wanted to kill the cocoon or butterfly was about to leave. In the end, the boy thought to crush the butterfly but the butterfly was actually with little Maggie in the car.

    3-I think it represents happiness and freedom.

    4- No to bullying
    More education for kids
    More respect
    Change the gobernaument
    Funniest classes

  16. 2-The story is about a girl named Magie Simpson goes a day to day care.
    In her separate the group of nothing special.
    Alli know a child who likes to crush butterflies.
    Inside is a caterpillar and mocks the child.
    She runs off and is a book.
    In suchas explain caterpillar becomes a butterfly.
    3-The butterfly means freedom.
    For me it represents the desire to be free.
    No, does not have any hidden meaning.

    4-No. Not because otherwise people would learn not to live with another and this would be a very different country.

  17. 1 It is the ayn rand school for tots- school for smalls.
    your freedom assured by cur probing-libertid assured.
    2 her mother takes her to school, and into the pass through a detector.

    3 Upon entering the place for her intelligence and plays with it mui bad nono what i kill all the butterflies and worms that try to smooth vé.
    Entonces save one but not consige, when it begins to mourn is his mother takes iti.

  18. 2-
    Marge leads to maggie a school for tots.
    Upon entering the school maggie see a butterfly, and wants to reach . But the butterfly escapes.
    Arriving at the school, all children must pass a control: intelligence , lice detector ….
    According to their intelligence gathering are children in the area of talent or anything special.
    A maggie put her in the room nothing special, there feels boring , until he sees a butterfly , she is delighted .
    But a child is killing butterflies, and put back maggie sad.
    Later he sees a caterpillar, maggie likes to takes it and wants to prevent the other child to kill her.
    What confuses and maggie gets to run.
    Get to a room where there are books, and sees a book about butterflies, the book talks about change of butterflies. Maggie realizes that caterpillar then be transformed into a butterfly.
    Then the caterpillar wants escape but the other child is .
    Maggie wants to save her, but already this combirtiendo caterpillar into a butterfly.
    Then maggie has an idea, puts the butterfly in place of the loop.
    And in the end manages to escape with butterfly.

    The butterfly to me means freedom.
    The solution and hope to get out of that place

    -Not to separate children by intelligences.
    -Taking care of everyone equally, are more or less ready
    -To be fair to all children.
    -Do not allow children crezan violently.
    -ensure all future

    No, because all children should learn from childhood that although they are of different sex, intelligence, religion or any other characteristic, they are all people and have to get along.

  19. 2->The maggie’s mom carry at the ayn rand school tots
    after take along a room where is nothing special
    a baby was there slay the butterfly
    maggie go and find a new butterfly know the other baby slay the butterfly
    after maggie escape with her
    the other baby pursue
    she put the butterfly in the site the lasso
    finally maggie escape with butterfly

    3-> represent the liberty

    4-> not separate children
    be children pending

    -no .
    because all children equal.
    It doesn’t matter intelligence, religion…

  20. 2- Is Maggie’s firts day at the daycare. Marge takes Maggie to the daycare. Whe they get to the entrance at the daycare, Marge leaves she there. The security guard takes Maggie to the security screening. She put in the box her loop, her pacifier and her keys. The security guard takes Maggie to the lice detector and the inteligence control.The inteligence control says “nothing especial”. Maggie is a normal baby and the security guard takes Maggie to the “not especial class”. The
    “not especial” class is very bad because is really dirty. There, Maggie see a butterfly but other baby kill the butterfly against the wall. Maggie find a caterpillar and she put the caterpillar with eyebrown for the children doesn’t kill it. She escapes with the caterpillar because when the catrepillar becomes in a butterfly the bad baby can’t kill it. The caterpillar becomes in a butterfly and the bad baby kill it lowering the blind. Maggie cry and the baby look her victorious. Marge arrives and gets Maggie. The bad baby open the blind and he looks the butterfly isn’t here. The butterfly is in the Maggies forehead.

    3- For me the butterfly repesent the freedom.

    4- No inteligence test for childrens.
    Boys and girls averyone in the same class.
    No uniform because the clothes are a form to express.
    No different class for the “special” children.
    No more different treat for the “special” children.

  21. 2. the maggie fisrt day in school passing a certain de test. helmet puts you she his intelligence.
    passes forunintelligent zone. I look around and try to grab some colors were gray and black.
    Maggie don´t paint. Maggie see a butterfly. child kills a butterfly . Maggie see other butterfly and a child kills a animal. the girl looks a caterpillar. Looks a book the catepillar . the animal forms a cocoon in the tree. the children attepns to kill to the animal. The girl escapes to the children .
    the child close the blind but a loop. the girl leaves a butterfly

    3. The butterfly represent freedon

    4. the school is small.
    the school are you friends
    the school is boaring
    going to school is important
    Flauts put you order anything

  22. 2.The maggie fisrt day in school is orrible.The mum the maggie lets to scholl.Magie passing a series of tests.The move to the area not ready.the man is set to kill the butterflies.Bat maggie salvo the caterpilla.The caterpilla is transforms to the butterfly.Man tries kills to the caterpilla.Maggie save the caterpille.the man has obsession to the kills the butterfly.the mum the maggie comes for the school.the maggi save to the butterfly.maggi changes the loop of butterfly.

    3.the butterfly represent for mi8 is freedom.

    4.the school is the smail.
    the school is insipid.
    the school is bouring.
    the sholl is taught to be better in the future.
    at school are my friends.

  23. 2-
    Is Maggie´s first day at the daycare. Marge leaves maggie in the day-care center and goes away.
    When Marge It goes away, maggie it has to surrender to several intelligence tests.
    When it finished of surrendering to eses texts, they took her to a not special class very maggie see a butterfly and other baby kill the butterfly.
    And maggie decides to protect to the butterfly, after she see a caterpillar and it decides to take her
    when her gun-sight has a book and discovers that this caterpillar combertira in butterfly y consiguió protegerla hasta que llegó su madre bothering another child.
    The butterfly represent the freedom. What represents him this is that it should have freedom and be able to be all together in a class.
    The babies should be separated neither according to the intelligence, nor according to the religion, because they have all right to doing all kinds of activities.

  24. 2.-
    Maggie Simpson’s mother takes her to the nursery. Maggie goes through checking of lice and intelligence meter. Then, it goes through a class of gifted, and she wants to go but they put in a class of lower intelligence. In his class there is a boy who crushes butterflies against the wall.
    Maggie find a caterpillar, and to save the child, takes her and escapes.
    Slowly the caterpillar becomes a butterfly and when Maggie the loose by the window to escape, the boy with the blind crushes.
    When Maggie goes with his mother, sad, happy to see you put the butterfly posed as her hair bow.

    The butterfly represents freedom.

    There must be separated according to the intelligence of every one, not according to their characteristics. Having more attention and care to children ..
    Of course not, because we all have the same rights and duties.

  25. 2. The film represents the firts and longest da y un Maggie life when her mum lieve her at school for tots.
    One`s there when her mother went out she was obliged to pas for some tests: lice detector, intelligence…
    When she finishes the teacher passes across the gifted área where children are playing whith computer, reading books and playing in a orchestra. Also pinking but Maggie finishes in a nothing spacial pleace.
    There is somthing write in the wall ”You have no future” and children are eating colors.
    She sees a butterfly and she gets happy, suddenly a boy kill the batterfly.
    She discuvere a caterpile when she whatching a book and disco ver that the caterpile is a butterfly and she does everything to save it.

    3. The butterfly represente the freedom.
    For me the butterfly represents what look after something that makes smile. Maggie cuher she is sad.
    Y es it has there is always good things un a very bar day.

    4. -Open a bar in the school.
    -No bulling.
    -A swimming pool.
    – Respect.
    – More places form the secundary school students.
    No they should, because this is a discrimination and because de all have the some rights.

  26. 2- Maggie goes a school for tots where the people is very bad. The place is very sad for the babys wich are less inteligent for the machine of the beging, but is too beauty for the intelligents toots.
    Maggie feels sad and booring because she is more intelligent that the machine says.
    In the room where is Maggie there is many babys like she. One of them is smells a glu and other is killing butterfly to do art.
    Maggie sees a caterpillar and she try to save the life of them, because if she leave the caterpillar the other baby kill her.
    The caterpillar goes into a plant to became into a cocoon and after can became into a beautiful butterfly.
    At the end, Maggie get save the coocon and it became in a butterfly wich goes away by the window.

    3 – The butterfly represent the freedom.

    4- I think that in te schools shoulden’t be any different for the students because it is very unfair.

    • 2.for me,the butterfly means free,because they are in nature,and must be free.
      3.maggie simpson goes to day care in her mother’s car.
      show a butterfly.
      maggie marge leaves in the nursery.
      passes a security checkpoint.
      puts control has average intelligence.
      and put in the kind of nothing special.
      want to color but the other children were left alone the gray and somber black.
      and see another butterfly and child crushes a with a mallet against the wall.
      and another.
      and sees a caterpillar and as the child gets and crush maggie wants is his eyebrows makes.
      and the child spends.
      maggie and flees with caterpillar.
      and maggie read a book about caterpillars.
      and the caterpillar becomes a butterfly.
      and the child appears.
      maggie and grabs the plant where he was the cocoon.
      and flees.
      and suddenly you drop push the plant to run among children.
      and suddenly the butterfly emerges from the cocoon.
      and maggie the catch..
      the attempts to take out the window
      but the child closes and crushes the butterfly.
      maggie and cries.
      comes Mother.
      the mother grabs and takes the car.
      the child lifts the window.
      but when you actually see the loop butterfly is Maggie.
      then the loop maggie is the butterfly.
      and be happy.
      4. Less trash at recess.
      More green areas.
      More information for studies.
      That teachers are explained well.
      That have good material.

  27. 2. Maggie´s mother leaves her in the nursery. To acces the nursery has to spend several contrls. In nursery children places according to their skills. Then carried Maggie caregives to clasroon with other children. There were many children playing and painting. Also had a bad boy with a sledgehamer dillin butterflies. Suddenly Maggie saw a Caterpillar. Hit the Caterpillar to the bad boy did not kill. While Maggie metamorphosis observed in a picture book the Caterpillar wrapped in a coccon of silk. Then appears a blue butterfly. The bad boy chases the butterfly. Maggie´s butterfly check out the windou but it stays trapped in the blind. Maggie´s mother returned for her.In the car hair tie went flayingMaggie was the butterfly.

    3. Means fredoom.
    Represent the devolopment of a child to an adult is free to.

    4. More dialogue between students and teacher.
    older students teach Young children values.
    Treat everyone equally
    learn to respect to be respected.
    Meet agreed standards being all.

    No, because if there are children from various cultures are learned more things.

    Maggie and her mother arrive to the daycare. Is the first Maggie´s day.
    Marge leaves Maggie, but the baby are sad because she´s got scary. After, security guard checks Maggie´s intelligence, as it is normal, she goes to the nothing special area, although baby prefer going to the gifted area because is better than “Nothing Special area”. In the gifted area there are babies with laptops and tablets, because are gifted to the maths, but there are gifted to the music, art, technology… too. in this area, there are a periodic table and graphics.
    In the nothing special area, there are babies neglected. A baby eat paste, a bad baby kills butterflies…
    Maggie finds a caterpillar and she runs with it for the bad baby not killed. In another room, she finds a book. She look it, and discover the caterpillar changes to a butterfly, but she should protec it to the bad baby. She runs and they arrive to the another room. There are zombies babies. She falls and the plant with the cocoon breaks. After, the bad boy kills butterfly, but really, It are Maggie´s loop. The end, the butterfly can be free and Maggie returns to her home.
    3) The butterfly stand for a change in the live of a person. I think represent the liberty.
    The hidden meaning is the hope in a bad´s school.
    4)1- Keep the school clean.
    2-Do not spend money in unnecessary objects.
    3- Promote respect.
    4- Resolve conflicts by talking.
    5-Prevent bullying.
    No, because I think it is good the variety.

  29. 2.
    – First, Maggie arrives to nursery and before she come in, she saw a butterfly. Marge leaves Maggie and then She goes. The policemen detected that Maggie wasn’t intelligent and he sends Maggie to the class of not special. Maggie was sad until she looks a butterfly, but a child kill the butterfly. After, she sees a worm and she takes it, and the child tries to take it from him. Maggie finds a book of worms that became butterflies. Maggie tries to escape with the plant that have hanging the worm that transformed into butterfly and She get it. But when she was escaping, she tries to take of the butterfly for the window, but the child lowers the blind and the butterfly dies. Maggie becomes sad and his mother picks up her in the nursery. When the child raises the blind, he realizes that the butterfly isn’t there and Maggie realizes that the butterfly was in his hair. Finally the butterfly was free.

    – I think that the butterfly respresent the liberty.

    – Not to discriminate
    -Not to harass

    – In my opinion schools should’nt separate students according any features because all people have the same rights.

  30. 2)
    Maggie goes to school for the first vez.Al enter sees a very beautiful orange butterfly .
    A guard catches it and makes the cabeza.Después tests leads to the class it belongs.
    Maggie is lonely , watching her peers who are painting and playing with paints.
    She comes over and takes two cans of paint, a gray one
    and one black.
    A fellow is sitting on the floor drinking paint and then passes a blue butterfly , another child gets a deck and kills her.
    Spend a butterfly orange and child kills again .
    Appears worm climbs up Maggie’s hand placed over their ojos.Ella stands beside a plant and the worm stays there .
    Maggie believes that his teammates will matar.Corre down the aisle with the plant.
    Arrives in a class where all the kids are in walker, collide with it and drops the plant. Then get a blue butterfly.
    She tries to drop it out the window but the companion persiana.Maggie traps to feel very sad and begins to mourn .
    His mother arrives and takes her to the car.
    Maggie ‘s friend it is realized that the butterfly caught if not wearing tie on the front and Maggie Maggie realized that what she wore in her hair was the butterfly.
    The butterfly flies free libertad.Porque means where you want.
    For my company represents Maggie.
    Not have any hidden meaning.
    1-All cleaner and tidier.
    2-That the little ones are always accompanied by a teacher.
    3-More material for students.
    4-I had a outdoor patio
    5-They have sports activities.
    They should separate the students.
    Because we are all equal.

  31. 3. butterfly peace means to me,because Maggie is in a terrific daycare and tries to save butterfly
    4. more teanwork,learn in a climate of mutual respect
    you have more time to eat and go to bathroom
    make classes more fun
    some number of hours of rest and study
    2. this video is about maggie simpson,she goes to pass certain tests,in that daycare ,these is an area that area,but that is another,the area of nothing special,in which there is a child who kills the butterflies,in the room found a larva and then wanted to kill the child,maggie chased and ultimately,the except that the loop became her hair and let go.

  32. 2. It is the first day of Magie’s college. They make him happen for a detector of ” special and not special ” and it goes to the room of not special. In this room there are children doing in the wall, eating glue, but the one that, more it is called the attention is one that kills butterflies. Magie tries to save to a worm of it sedates, happens for a children’s room that this learning to cover and the child chases it, until the worm turns into butterfly and tries to escape for the window and the child lowers the blind and thinks that it kills to the butterfly, but Magie I place his blue bow. His mother is going to look for Magie and in the car the butterfly goes out flying for the window.

    3.The butterfly represents the desires of living because I want to go out out of the college.

    Not to discriminate against the least ready.
    The school is boaring.
    -No bulling.

  33. 4 – Not qualities should differ at school
    3 – For me, the butterfly represents the release they want normal children
    2 – It was narrated on the first day of class maggie, is a day you feel weird
    Is at with another baby that kills the butterflies, just a fond Gusanita from which and to which saves his life
    Then, encuantra a book which shows the phases quepasa one marposa and discovers that his friend, the worm, s going to turn into a butterfly, but fears for his life and saves him.
    At the end deceives the wrong drink and save the blue mariposita right in the time when her mother appears

  34. 2)
    This video is about Maggie Simpson’s mother takes him to a daycare a little weird …
    They classified by their intelligence, even that machine goes wrong, ¨ ready ¨ to put them in a class very nice, has everything, etc, and those who are supposed to donkeys ¨ ¨ put them at old class only pintar.Ella engaged in this sad and sees a child who eats glue! There is also a child who kills the butterflies with a hammer, Maggie had a worm and covered it making the mockery, the worm eventually became butterfly and she had to esconderla.El child chases him up to a room, and she let go butterfly but I kill with blinds and Maggie was sad for the butterfly, but it turns out that Maggie was smarter, the butterfly change its blue ribbon!
    She eventually won and went home happy for. THE END

    To me freedom means butterfly.

    I would like to put more breaks, shorter and less class exams.

  35. 2- This video is of a girl named Maggie Simpson, who goes to daycare and has to go trough some tests. To go through them,he realices that his talent fails to be in the area ready, and put it into the area of “nothing special” and gets very sad.
    In that area, she found a larva, but there was a problem, that a chied was klling the butterflies emering from larvae.But Maggie wanted to save butterfly and hid making your butterfly hair.And end the butterfly saved.

    3- For my the butterfly means a feeling of pain, but aslo because it saves means joy.

    4- Not more distinction
    Not manny chastisements
    Not so manny exams
    Openness between the students and the teacher
    Urgently seek the solution to school violence.

  36. 3-The butterfly represent the freedom.
    4-No.In school no one has to separate for any reason,all are equal.
    -No discrimination for sex.
    -No use uniforms.
    -No test of the inteligence.
    -No discrimination for the country or religion.
    -No to bulling

    • 2-The video is a day in which a girl‘s mother leads to his firs day of kin des ganten ,and when the girl enters there realice the bad tgings that happen there and sees a bad child no liked it to kill butterfiles and the girl is a worm and she want it to protect of the bad bay adta that turn into butterflay fly free thraughout protects it the video but the child tries to mate impossible until the worm turns into a butterfly,and when will fly to the bad bay free matte.

  37. 2.-
    The video is about to Maggie’s day of daycare.Maggie’s mother carries she to daycare. His mother leave she to the daycare to the workers to look after she. In the daycare Maggie goes through for a check to her safety. At the check is a machine to look her intelligence and other machine to eliminate the lices. Them the worker carries Maggie for the corridor with classroom according to her intellegence. Maggie likes the first: a classroom with things to play and stimulate their brains, this classroom is to childre with superior intellegence, but the worker doesn’t stop there, she goes to other classroom for childre with intellegence normal, this classroom are very sad and is boring and nothing stimulate for the children’s brains till there is a poster where the “honest bunny” sais -You have no future-. In this classroom Maggie is sad but she finds a carterpillar. She finds a book where explains the cycle of the carterpillar to became a buterfly. Maggie upon realizing it has a companion who kills buterflies decides save the carterpillar will becoma a buterfly. This companion realizes what she want done and pursuas she to kill the buterfly, but Maggie changes the buterfly for her tie blue, so when the blind crush the buterfly the blind crush the tie blue not the buterfly, Maggie acts so that he creates which she is sad for the buterly are crush. Tha Maggie’s mother comes to get her for to go home, in the car the buterfly is free for fly and Maggie is happy.
    The buterfly symbolizes the freedom.
    – More loans for perform activities
    – More respect to students and teachers
    – No uniforms
    – No diferent treatament to persons who have more dificults
    – No descrimination by genders
    The schools shouldn’t separate students for sex, intellegence or any other characteristic. The schools shouldn’t separete students because it assumes wich teaches us to respect each other leaving aside our differences, whether in religion, color or anything.

  38. 2_ Marge leaves Maggie in a school. Maggie is frightened. She has got an exam. The school has got two groups: the intelligents and the others. The machine is broken. It says: Maggie isn’t intelligent. Her classroom is dark and boring. A butterfly appears. Maggie likes the butterfly. A boy kills the butterfly. Maggie is sad. She finds a caterpillar. She knows it can be a butterfly. Maggie puts it in her face. Maggie saves the butterfly.
    3_The butterfly represents freedom.
    4_ Arrive later, less homework, less subjects, easyy subjects and less books.
    No, because how we are isn’t important in the school.

  39. 2º: Marge takes Maggie to the nursery. A man will go through a security check. Maggie passes through a scanner lice. A lady takes her to his place. Spend front of a room full of genius. In the area it is a sign that says he has no future. She finds a worm. The child’s crushes his ado butterflies, so she escapes. In a book worm reads your going to become a cocoon and then a butterfly. The child chases Magggie and butterfly. He believes that to killed. She has exchanged Butterfly by his tie3º: freedom of thought
    3º: means the worms as a child can go from having no future to a guy with a great future if you take the time
    1 – teachers should not teach children the way you think but teach to reason.
    2 – learn them that all are equal
    3 – be more serious
    4 – more quality food

  40. 2) It’s the first Maggie’s day at the daycare. Marge carries Maggie to the school for tots and she tries hides in the car because she doesn’t like all that. The day looks good but not for the little Simpson.
    After park, Marge brushs the Maggie’s hair and they are prepared for enter to the centre. At the entrance Maggie looks a butterfly what goes away like her freedom, and she is very sad because her mother says goodbye. Everything is horrible for she!
    A policeman gets she to pass the control. Maggie should let her bow and her dummy in a box. She pass the lice detector without problems (on the contrary of other tot) and, the next test says that Maggie is nothing special. She is sent to the ‘nothing special’ area where there aren’t any tools like laptops, instruments… The children of this room are ignored. Maggie tries get some colours but she just can get grey and black colours. Everything is too sad!
    She looks other butterfly but it is smashed by a tot like Maggie’s freedom. Next, she finds a worm and confront with the tot because she wants save the bug. The worm changes and now it’s a butterfly and Maggie keeps helping it. After the pursuit, Maggie falls and breaks the butterfly’s plant pot. She frees the animal but it’s catched by the blind. It’s a dramatic scene…
    Marge shows up and carries the sad Maggie to the car. The other tot finds the Maggie’s bow under the blind: Maggie saves the butterfly and her freedom!

    3) Into the story, the butterfly represents the freedom that Maggie loses when she goes to the daycare.
    To me, the butterfly represents the creativity that is ‘smashed’ by the education system.

    4) Schools shouldn’t separate students according to sex, intelligence, religion or any other feature because is very unfair and promotes the inequality.
    – Motivate the students.
    – More oportunities like into others education systems.
    – Less cut back.
    – More activities like the French’s and English’s plays.
    – Equality.

  41. Numbre 2- Is the first day to Maggie at school for babys, your mother before exit the car repair your hair and put your blue bow. Your mother carry at the school. Maggie says your mother and raisin for lice detector and intelligence metter. She raisin for class the babys very intelligent and leave in the class for babys little intelligent: In the class there is a baby boy that murther the butterfly, in the floor have worm that baby want worm with one meat tenderizer, Magie exit the class and discover book about cocoon, your cocoon have in plant pot. She want save life the butterfly, he baby have there, she lance soil the plant pot and run in the corridor ask for help in the telephone but is the toy follow run until Crash with baby in the baby carriage. The plant fly until the floor at the exit the butterfly Maggie in order to save life the butterfly throw butterrflu for window but bad baby under the window blind and kill the butterfly.
    Maggie is very sad and the baby boy very happy and pleased at the moment arrive the mother from Maggie. Exit the school, he get blound and discover that it was not a butterfly but it was a bown hair.
    Maggie jumped the car and the butterfly came out of her hair and the butterfly saved his life by Maggie.
    Number 3- The butterfly represent the freedom.
    Number 4
    -Treat everyone equally.
    – More insist on the subject of the study.
    -Should not separate students.

  42. 2. Marge Simpsom leaves a Magie the creche.
    Magie the pass detector lice, a machine inteligence.
    Magie is in the área average.
    Magie watching a butterfly and gets happy but kills.
    Magie is very clever and he looked the worm if they hid their eyebrows mcamo.
    Magie find a book listed as butterfly are created.
    Then the other child chases to kill butterfly.
    Magie tries to call her mother to come to the alludar.
    The chase continues until you reach a room with amaller.
    Clogged the child some kids who wanted to kill the butterfly.
    The childpushes the other and one of the youngest children hits another and that other Magie give base falling aff too and the butterfly emerges from it cocoon, to try to go out the window the other chil will bajo the blind and butterfly diez and suffers greaty and Magie mather comes to

    Butterfly means joy

    Not to assign homework.
    Not much or student press .
    Exercises make up (among all).
    I can not ocurring more.

  43. 2 – Marge takes Maggie to nursery.Maggie trying to catch butterfly ,when she see but not enter to the nursery will review the intelligence puts average intelligence .Maggie try to go to the room equipped but can not and take you to a living media.Donde intelingecia but Maggie ‘s paintings can only get dark black gris.Luego see a worm and try to save him, a child wants to crush but Maggie flees , the child runs to her for aplastarlo.Maggie finds that worm is going to turn into butterfly.The worm is placed in a jar and makes a cocoon , the child finds them , but Maggie turns to escape with the worm.Maggie flees hastily obstaculos.Al avoiding all kinds of end reaches end room where the child is well , the worm became butterfly and lands on the window to escape , but the child closes the butterfly persiana.Piensa it , but in reality is the bond of Maggie , she had the butterfly in the head , Marge arrives and frees the car. She flies through the car window and says goodbye Magie butterfly and the butterfly is finally free and Maggie finally nursery goes once and for all.

    3-To me it means peace. The nursery will be quiet

    4-No racism tranten everyone the same even to another color.

    Not measure intelligence with a machine.

    Not being gifted better treat than other peers

    No to gender discrimination

    That fellow is treated well

  44. 2.- The story is about Maggie Simpson and a first day ata daycare. When Maggie come in the daycare appear a security guards what log up for take our your toys.
    After, the security guard come Maggie “your class” while pass for several class ;for example, the class of intelligents childrens or the class of NO intelligents childrenswhere is dark and dirty, the childrens too. In this room there is a boy kill a butterfiles and Maggie sabe a “The Last Butterfil” in the end.

    3.-The butterfly represent the freedom, hope…

    4.-Not ready to separate from normal people
    Wing treat normal people as well as gifted people
    The education system is better
    Has improved the chances of each student

    I think haven’t separate the students because so relate, we can make friends….

  45. 2) This video is about Maggie Simpson in her first in the daycare. Maggie passes the the controls of intelligence and the pólices of de daycare put the baby in the Nothing Special class. There Maggie meets a new child that kills butterflies and stamped on the door, after two minutes Maggie look at the floor and she sees a worm. After seeding the story Maggie look at the worm and think in child kill the butterflie
    then tries to escape but the child pursues then. Maggie goes parks where many children trying to
    help her sabe to the butterfly, Maggie tries to call but the phone is like a toy, then keep running comes
    into a room where the child waiting with a hammer to kill and then Butterfly. Then changes her hair tie
    and the buterflie. Maggie throught her hair tie outside the class but the child get the blind down and
    she thinkskilled the butterflie but thi is false because the true butterfflie are in the Maggie´s head.
    At the time of leave to home Maggie´s mum went to pick up. Wen it was out of de nursery Maggie put the butterflie in the garden for the child with the hammer leave to kil more butterflies and another insects of the nature.

    3)The butterflie was free. For me the butterfly respresent the liberty.

    – No discrimination
    – More respect to students and teachers
    – Not discrimination for the sex.
    – Not discrimination for the religion.
    – More respect.

  46. 2- For me the butterfly represent frredom.

    3- One day Maggie ‘s mother took her to a nursery. When they went maggie had
    to spend a few controls, such control lice detector and also the intelligence , but
    she passed it and went to the room of the least ready . Maggie found a worm , nursed
    him as a fellow she wanted to kill . Maggie ran through the hallways until fourth found
    a book that explained the process passing the worm so that it became a butterfly.
    When they came to a room the window was open and let Maggie but baby butterfly
    closed the blinds and killed the butterfly and Maggie cried for the butterfly. Maggie ‘s
    mother arrived and marched to the car. Baby raised the shade and saw what was in the
    window was not the butterfly but it was the blue ribbon of Maggie . When Maggie was
    in the car had the butterfly like a loop and goes home happily . And so ends the longest
    day of Maggie with a happy ending.

    4- I think the schools don`t should the students according to sex, intelligence, religion or any other feature because in the world everyone are same.

  47. 2 .
    Day nursery Maggie. Maggie is chosen from the group of the nursery called nothing special. A child is devoted to kill butterflies and make a picture. Maggie finds a worm and hides. The child discovers the worm and Maggie tries to escape and roam the nursery. Maggie meets and suddenly jerks out a butterfly.The butterfly starts to fly and Maggie will defend it.Maggie comes with butterfly to a room where there is a window.She throws the butterfly out the window to make it free.But the child closes the blinds and kills crushing Butterfly. But in the end it turns out that the butterfly was not dead. If not what was the tie is crushed Maggie. And the bond that had Maggie was the butterfly to finish the story so he could let go and be free.

    The butterfly represents freedom thing they do not have in the nursery.

    – Everyone should have the same right to receive class although each has a defect or a different way of thinking.

    -We can to think diferent of people, but each person is free.

    -which is not to study so much and that the school is more fun.

    -No to gender discrimination.

    -Not uniforms.

  48. 2-Maggy goes to the school for tots. It’s your first day! sheś got a test of the inteligence. She’s in the sad room with other boys, but there’s children in the happy place. They haven’t got a future. Maggy look the buterflys crush. After, she find a book of the life of the buterflys. The book show to maggy her lifes. She run becouse find a new buterfly at call. In the last moment she trick at the bad boy. He’s the that crusher the buterflys! March, the Maggy’s mum, help the buterfly and carry at Maggy to your house.

    3-for my, the buterfly represent the freedom.

    4-I change:

    _The difference of religion.

    _ the difference of de children for her colour

    _The difference of the children for be clever or stupid

    _All have to be free.

    _all be like

  49. 2.magie began his first day of kindergarden, her mother left her there pear start your new day in the nursery, nothing efective had technologies mediating inteligenceand lice detector to magie they mearured their inteligence and as the machine was not efective ponia that his inteligence was average and was smarter than the machine setting, magie found a worm that was going to be a buttefly.

    3.Buttefly for my means peace.
    1-no cruel than students.
    2-there are no cuts so that students can get a good education.
    3-that students have the same facilities for studies.
    4-do activities amon all the students and teachers.
    5-improving interaction in classes.

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