As you already know, every 17th May we celebrate Galician Literature Day .

Roberto Vidal Bolaño is the celebrated author this year.
You can learn more about his importance for Galician theatre watching CPI dos Dices Rois TV news or by singing this song about his great works.

Dealing with another important Galician writer, Rosalía de Castro whose work Cantares Gallegos was firstly published 150 years ago in Vigo, you can find the translation to “A xustiza pola man” Follas Novas (1880) by Jonathan Dunne.

He sends you his compliments for your great work all throughout these last weeks.

You’ve done it great! It was an incredibly difficult task!!


Guess what… Rosalía was really present in Bolaño’s work.

You can watch Roi Vidal’s conference “As Rosalías de Vidal Bolaño” at Letren Fakultatea,  Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea.


You will also find 23rd April’s World Book Day quizz solution by CLICKING HERE.


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