How many electronical devices have you got?
How often do you change them?
Why do you think they all become useless so quickly?

If you want to find out some answers to your questions, this is your final opportunity to watch a video entitled “Obsolescencia programada” produced by Arte France, TVE and Televisió de Catalunya.
Here you will find some bits in Catalonian, English, French and Spanish.
Don’t even wonder why Galician never appears in this type of videos…

However, this time you will be asked to focus on an American video released on 9th November 2010.
“The Story of Electronics” gives us some clues to find the right path for the future.

As it is a difficult video, you are expected to answer the following questions once we have watched and talk about the video in class.

1. Write four bad aspects about the “designing for the dump” process.
2. What is the Moore’s law about?
3. Write four possible solutions to overcome the “designing for the dump” problems according to the video.


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