Comparing countries does not make much sense.
You could never find two people sharing the exact same idea about what a country or what well being is about.

So, bearing in mind these two principles you are welcome to take this exercise as a device to find out world’s inequalities.
Choose two countries in the if it were my home web page and write at least four sentences comparing them.

Don’t forget to use the comparative form of the adjectives in the right way.


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  1. 1.In Mali has got a times higher chance of dying infancy than Spain.
    2.The annual number of births is bigger in Mali.
    3.In Spain consume more oil than Mali.
    4.In Spain the quality of life is better than Mali.

  2. I go to compare USA and Canada:

    In Canada spend less money on healthness than USA; In USA has got more number of borns than in Canada; In the U.S.A consume less electricity than in Canada.

  3. Great comparisons between Mali and Spain! Well done!

    Dealing with Canada, I think that Allison’s comparison is really interesting:

    “I guess I never realized how big Canada is! I like the idea of living longer, being able to find a job, and being healthier… But why does Canada use so much energy?

    Who can suggest her some answers?

  4. USA with China:
    -China is the first country consuming energy, USA is the second.
    -USA is birger than China (9.826.675 km² vs. 9.596.960), but China is more populated than China.
    -The Chinese is the language most spoken in the world, but the English is spoken in more countries.

  5. 1.In Nicaragua is easy die in infancy, but in France is more difficult.
    2.Nicaragua consume less oil than France.
    3.The life in Nicaragua is shortest than France.
    4.In Nicaragua, the number of births is highest than France.

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