Read carefully the following predictions for 2011 and make your bets.

Great prizes are at stake all throughout the rest of the school year!


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  1. I can´t choose more predictions because I don´t understand all the vocabulary so I choose this prediction:
    I agree with that China will be a very important Country in this year because China look for technological innovation

  2. Hello! I’ve just see some predictions and I think that…
    …the work will be reinvented because the things are very bad…
    I also agree that with the rise of cultural change agents because I think that their arguments are really good.
    By the way i’m not sure that the second prediction, already that I see the things very black …

  3. I agree whit the prediction number 3, because it know that Chia is te new emerging world power and the other countries tyr to brig it; also I agree with the prediction number 29, because if re-use, recicle or createnew products from old products contribute to reduce the contamination.

  4. Attention! Not all that glitters is gold. Prediction 3 about China is counterballanced by prediction 4 “Emerging Markets”, prediction 5 “Not Made in China”, prediction 16 “London” and prediction 17 “Brazil”.

    Who can expand a little bit more about prediction 2 “Recovery”, prediction 31 “Extreme Local”, prediction 42 “In Love with Analog”, prediction 44 “The Sharing Economy” and prediction 45 “Work will be Reinvented”?

    • About the prediction 2 :
      -Yes , I agree with the first argument, as we are in a bad economic situation and everybody want improve it !
      – I think that the prediction 42 it’s right, because with the econmic problems we are beguining to appreciate more the analog products. The reason is that the analog products are cheaper than digital products.( I don’t know if that is really true…).
      -In third place I go to explain my opinion about th prediction number 44. One more time, the problem is money! I’m not sure of people will want share their tools and land, because with the problem of econmy we are tendency to be selfishs but with time we will learn to share everything so if we continue like this.
      – Finally i go to talk about the prediction 31. I think that the restaurants won’t create new dishes with ‘peculiar’ ingredients because they haven’t much money…but they will hire foragers althought not because they can found new ingredients, but because they’re cheaper than the people of their own country!

      One more thing: the prediction 45 is ‘More start Arounds’ …..

  5. About prediction 45:
    I agree with the first argument, because I think that it’s really, but I’ m not sure about the second argument, because it doesn’t ring very credible. Althougt the other arguments are very rasoned, in fact they ring as we want sell products on TV or a politicians speech …..!

  6. prediction will be reinvent
    I think they could reinvent the starting job not be as computer-controlled machinery but by humans and so would create more jobs and would end with the comfort that has arisen in society

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